WP2Vimeo step by step

Multi-user upload to One Vimeo account

WP2Vimeo is fast, powerfull and lightweight

Unlimited usage & lifetime updates!

1. Connect 2 Vimeo

One click connect to your Vimeo (Basic, Plus and PRO) account


2. Edit the settings to suit your needs

Settings that can be set:

  • Shortcode before and after embed code
  • Video dimensions in wich video is displayed on website
  • Maximum filesize of the video
  • Hide / show upload progressbar
  • Automatically close the upload window when uploading is done
  • Automatically start the upload after the video files is selected

3. Custom popup after click "Add Media"

After click on button "Add Media" in the texteditor a popup shows up. Here you can specify wheter to upload a video file or any other file


4. Select video file to upload

After clicking on "Video File" you can select the video file to upload to Vimeo. In case a file is selected that is not a video file an errormessage is shown

select videofile

5. Uploading in progress

After hitting the "Upload video" button the video is being uploaded and during upload there is a progress bar showing. The progress bar can be disabled in the settings.


6. After uploading the embed code is shown

After upload completion the embedcode is shown. Also the height and width of the video you specified in the settings is integrated in the embedcode.

From here you can also copy the embedcode to the clipboard for later reference by clicking on the "Copy embedcode".After clicking on "Done" the embedcode is inserted automatically in the texteditor


7. Embedcode in editor

The embedcode is inserted in the texteditor autmatically with the video dimensions and the shortcodes wich are set in the settings of the plugin ([iframevideo] [/iframevideo]


Questions about getting started? Drop us a line to find out more!